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Who We Are:

Like so many in the wake of the 2016 election, FLIP NC co-founders Amy Cox and Briana Brough were galvanized and seeking ways to channel energy into action. We began attending local Democratic Party and progressive activist group meetings in Durham and participated in marches, rallies, and empty-chair town halls.

The incredible momentum behind the current progressive movement is inspiring. Yet, we quickly realized that while the opportunities to participate are endless, our time is not. To maximize our impact, we would need to be strategic. We wanted to focus our time and energy on a course of action that would have tangible, measurable results.

We reached out to like-minded friends, and together we formed Indivisible: FLIP NC to consolidate our efforts around one goal: flipping enough NC House districts to break the Republican supermajority.

The process of figuring out how to use our time and resources most effectively led us to create this website and our forthcoming toolkit for activists, which we hope will help other groups who decide to commit their grassroots energy to changing election outcomes in North Carolina in 2018 and 2020.