Our Partners

The resistance is strong, and it's at its best when we organize, tag team and support each other. It takes a village!

FLIP NC is committed to maintaining our focus on our mission: breaking the supermajority in the NC House in 2018 through voter outreach in flippable districts and helping other groups that share this goal.

Many of our friends are working in complementary areas - fundraising, voter registration, fielding volunteers, and much more. Our partnerships with these organizations help us each focus on doing what we do best - and support each other along the way.

Check out these groups, and join the resistance in whatever way will keep you motivated, impassioned and empowered!


Neighbors on Call is a community of North Carolinians working to promote progressive policy and halt regressive policy in NC; elect Democrats to the NC General Assembly; and build an engaged, informed army of progressives. Founded in Chapel Hill, NC, after the 2016 elections, NoC has already expanded to in Alamance, Chatham, Durham, Orange and Wake Counties!


OUR SHOT NC is a political action committee raising money to provide direct support early in the campaigns of progressive candidates for the NC House of Representatives. Even for good candidates, early seed money is hard to get. Yet early investment can be critical to candidates' success, and good candidates may be more encouraged to run if early funding is available. Donate here!


Durham For Organizing Action (DFO-Action) is a grassroots volunteer organization that started in 2008 (as Durham For Obama) with the goal of electing Barack Obama. DFO-Action has significant experience and an outstanding track record in voter outreach and provided essential training and guidance for shared canvassing efforts as we kicked off our voter engagement initiative.

POV NC logo.png

Protect Our Vote North Carolina is a grassroots advocacy program launched by Progressive Turnout Project (PTP). Working with activists and volunteers in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro, the program demands that the state legislature establishes a nonpartisan redistricting commission and objects to additional voting restrictions. Staff and volunteers are gathering thousands of signed postcards from North Carolinians who support this mission.

Indivisibles North Carolina is a collaborative of more than 100 Indivisible Guide groups across North Carolina working together to protect our democracy and resist 45's agenda. FLIP NC's partnerships with our fellow NC Indivisible groups and other grassroots groups across the state are key in broadening our coalition and getting boots on the ground. And working in partnership with locals is essential to effective voter outreach efforts.

Now or Never NC is supporting State Legislative candidates running in the most winnable races who support public education, redistricting reform, and voter access; candidates who can help our Governor sustain a veto of harmful legislation and restore NC's reputation as a beacon in the South and leader in the nation. In 2014 and 2016, Now or Never NC backed 7 winning challengers for the NC House. Donate here to support their efforts.