FLIP NC is an all-volunteer IE PAC taking targeted, evidence-based action to elect progressives in North Carolina. In January 2017, a handful of friends met over beers to figure out how we could fight against gerrymandering and the failed policies of the North Carolina GOP.

FLIP NC Coordinating Committee.JPG

We decided to focus on breaking the supermajority in the General Assembly (only 4 of the 120 House seats need to flip for Democrats to make this happen) in the critical 2018 election, so that we can restore the governor’s veto power, force Republicans to work across the aisle, and demand fair maps in 2020. We must return to a legislature that truly represents the people, where votes matter and there are no "safe seats."

Our data team has come up with the 30 most flippable districts in the NC House and NC Senate. We are actively working (via regular voter outreach) to flip NC House Districts 36 and 37 in Wake County. To date, more than 500 FLIP NC volunteers have knocked 18,000 doors and had conversations with more than 6,000 voters. Those we’ve spoken with have voted at more than twice the rate of those we haven’t yet reached.

FLIP NC is also mentoring other groups across the state – training them to run canvasses, pairing them with other grassroots organizations, and strategizing about how to best utilize their resources.

Will you help us to FLIP NC in 2018?